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AREA × vitra

What the hack is future?
What the hack is future? Garage Spirit. The lecture-series from AREA with Raphael Gielgen, Research/Trend scout at Vitra, that searches for a working professional world of tomorrow. The artistic result is surprisingly dynamic and flexible, taking the form of unique posters and invitations – strategically placed in public spaces, based on the strong connection between the topic and the revolutionary table system of the Vitra “hack” by Konstantin Grcic.

The Future Sound 

Poster Design
It was very important that the layout of the posters could be adapted to the genre of the club nights, which  mostly showcases a very experimental style of sound.  Over the years the typefaces was changed, but the motto remains the same: Do what you want, but never leave the basic grid. For the last five years we created posters for a monthly club night in the city of Linz. "More than 60 posters have been created for The Future Sound but what’s striking about them is how cohesive they are as a series“ (Itsnicethat). The posters are a mix of exposed content on a highly strict grid. Through  intentional distortion, they attempt to create a suitable level of tension in these modern posters.

Fernet Hunter 

Simplicity is key
Fernet Hunter is a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter. Using a recipe that dates back to the early 1900’s. Fernet Hunter is created by Raphael Holzer and Neville Kotewall – two friends who met in Hong Kong and share a passion for quality food and drink. Both believe in the importance of craftsmanship and artisanal products and their place within food and beverage culture.  As the design concept, when it comes to making cocktails with Fernet Hunter, simplicity is key. 

Oberösterreich Tourismus

Redesigning Upper Austria
After the strategic restructuring and adaptation of the organisational structure over the past year, the development of a new corporate design was another, decisive step for tourism in the federal state of Upper Austria. The Upper Austrian logo was development further in what can be considered its next evolutionary step. It focusses on the strengths of the old logo, yet underlines the new brand approach of the endorsed brand strategy. The characteristic typography and the customised colour scheme give it a certain freshness and progress in order to express new confidence. Die simplified optics symbolises the reality and straightforwardness of the tourist landscape. The images mirror the focus on the guests: They are momentous and tell stories. The photography shows new perspectives of the landscape and the people during their experience. This combination of a highly emotional visual concept and a new graphic design creates a special (Upper) Austrian flair. The simplified and flexible handling with the new design makes the brand of Upper Austrian tourism more attractive, younger, and stronger in its approach.

Sigrid Stöckl

Minimalistic leather goods
Sigrid Stöckls ever extending collection of leather bags and small leather goods is characterized by its minimalistic, pure designs coupled with great love and attention for details. The products are effortless, timeless and of lasting quality. We came up with a simple black/white branding, the typeface chosen is in keeping with the design zeitgeist withoutattracting too much attention. The chosen photo style completes the brutal assumed branding and is in contradiction to the products of Sigrid Stöckl.

Mural Harbor 

Gallery Branding
The second largest outdoor gallery for Graffiti and Muralism worldwide can be found in Linz at the Winterharbour right on the waterfront. This institution has made it its mission to document the colours and codes of an entire generation. This design consciously breaks with this theme. It is exactly because of this differentiation and limited approach with text and image that a certain alertness is created without having to rely on clichés.
In the midst of the Austrian Alps in Obertauern the design-hotel Manggei sets itself apart through its unique style. The linear, alpine architecture is combined with design classics from the last 60 years and creates an atmosphere that could not be found in graphic design before. The brand identity of the hotel was re-thought in a visual manner, and new concepts were created without displacing the established structures completely. The result of this combination is an entirely new style of using photography and typography, that can be seen in the newly developed website, in their print-communications and their host management system.

Newcomer Wines

London based wine distribution
Newcomer Wines is an international team of wine enthusiasts that specialise in the distribution of Austrian wines in London. On the side the also run a shop and a bar in Dalston/London. For the concept, design classics were newly interpreted. The characteristic letters N+W give the brand that essential inkling that reminds us of Viennese art nouveau. The style of illustration is based on topographical maps of Austrian vineyards, and is used as a reoccurring element in the packaging design and complements the logo implemented in modular form.

Urban Trout

The Viennese enterprise Urban Trout specialises in Front-End and Back-End web development, and operates outside the norm of common code. Due to the decision not to base the graphic design on the technical aspect of the company, an unexpected interplay of what is offered and how that is presented emerges. 


Branding, Catalogue Design
The design label from Linz / Austria comes forth with a new, fresh product line in fashion jewelry and living accessories. The strength of these products lies in their clarity, their apparent stability and sophisticated simplicity. OrtnerSchinko adopted this distinctiveness in the identity creation, emphasizing the individual characters of the materials frauklarer works with.

United Notions

Exhibition — Moscow/Paris
Poster design for the international graphic design exhibition “United Notions” in Moscow and Paris initiated by the Russian design studio “The Bakery” and the paper-production company “Arjowiggins”. For the first time an Austrian design studio was invited to Moscow to participate in the travelling exhibition encompassing 20 participants. The challenge was to design screen prints that translate regional linguistic specialities with the means of typography, illustration, form, and colour.

Art Diagonale 

Book Design
Thirteen visual artists from Iceland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Columbia, the USA and Austria had a working meeting in the form of a ten day symposium together. The range went from painting, sculpture, installation and photography all the way to sound art. The final works were presented in the Museum Angerlehner. The artist as a fine seismograph of society. The works created interdisciplinary, worldwide dialogues that traditionally break down cultural barriers and cultivate multilateral contacts – this bond was also taken into account when designing the catalogue for the exhibition and transported in a visual manner.

Derntl, Derntl.

Straightforward architecture based on the essential elements combined with sustainable materials and high-quality craftsmanship. The brothers Franz and Johannes Derntl stand strong behind the integral concepts of designing, planning, and executing their endeavours. For the graphic design a restrained and peaceful approach was chosen.

Ulrich Nausner

Catalogue Design
Catalogue for conceptual artist Ulrich Nausner, 2012-2009.

Friday Exit

Catalogue Design
An open collective of young artists in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. A program of eight events curated by the collective took place and are portrayed in the catalogue.

Mark Sengstbratl

Catalogue Design
Mark Sengstbratl, an architectural photographer with a passion for straight lines and details, wanted to concisely showcase his latest work. Our artistic task was to find a grid with the best effect on the presentation of his pictures. The result: a reduced layout, all black & white presentation, and a design not traceable to any place or time.


Record Design
For the album “Aquarium Eyes”, based on the visual concept of using IK Blue in combination with photos by the incredible photographer Thomas Albdorf, we created the design of the LP and the tour posters for what may be Austria’s nerdiest experimental-electronic musician duo Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold alias Ritornell.


Record Design
Austria’s most famous hip hop crew Texta reached their 20 year anniversary. A design for the Double LP and CD packaging was made where one can literally feel the 20 tracks taken from Texta’s 20 years of history.

Hok, Studios

Hok, Studios. A (con)temporary collective has formed, and opened its space to foster creativity. The counterpart of the project’s temporariness is found in the ageless branding.
Open house at the University of Art and Design Linz. "Open here" - the University of Art and Design Linz wrapped in Helvetica Bold and Silver. "Open Workspace" Three different locations depicted in a foldable, isosceles triangle.